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Are you a business owner that relies on refrigeration equipment in order to effectively run your business? Are you looking for maintenance or repair for your walk-in freezer, refrigerator, or commercial cooling equipment in the Houston area? If so, our team is here to help you. We work with business owners to ensure their refrigeration equipment is functioning properly and well maintained to avoid expensive breakdowns in the future. If you are looking to replace your equipment, we can also help you with new installations. Reach out to us today to learn more about our maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Other Commercial Refrigeration Services We Offer

  • Commercial Ice Machine Repairs & Service
  • Commercial Refrigeration Installation
  • Commercial Refrigeration Repairs & Maintenance
  • Walk-In Cooler Installation Services
  • Walk-In Cooler Repairs

Routine Maintenance Helps to Avoid Costly Repairs

For business owners that rely on their refrigeration equipment to keep their inventory at a safe temperature, there is no room for error. Stay on top of your routine maintenance to avoid serious issues and schedule an appointment with a member of our team at the first sign of an issue to prevent losing your inventory.

Warning Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration System Needs Repair

While a total breakdown of your refrigeration system may be an obvious sign it’s time for repair, other problems may start smaller. Keep an eye out for these warning signs from your refrigeration system:

  • Difficulty Maintaining Temperature – If your refrigerator has a freon leak it’s extremely important to repair it as quickly as possible. Freon leaks can cause damage to your system or even cause your refrigerator’s compressor to fail.  This repair can be costly if left unnoticed.
  • Water Leaks – If your refrigeration equipment is leaking water, this is a problem that requires immediate attention. Not only can water leaks lead to expensive electrical damage, it can also cause your compressor to fail, leaving you without a way to keep your inventory cool.
  • Excessive Condensation – The build up of condensation inside or outside your commercial refrigerator can pose another health and safety risk. Condensation outside of your unit can lead to wet floors, which is a hazard for your staff. Interior condensation can cause the food and perishable items you are storing to spoil at an accelerated rate and also lead to frost build-up that affects the quality of your inventory.

Quality Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Houston

Businesses that rely heavily on their commercial refrigeration system to store their food and perishable goods understand the importance of maintaining the equipment. Not only are you wanting to keep your inventory at a temperature that makes it last the longest and taste the best, you are also legally required to maintain safe temperatures for these items. When your system fails you, you can be out thousands of dollars in inventory. This is why it is important to stay on top of your maintenance and never let any small problems develop into larger ones.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Repair

At Lonestar Heating and Cooling, we understand the importance of maintaining your refrigeration equipment. This is why we provide 24/7 emergency commercial refrigeration repair services throughout the Houston area.

We are always prepared to assist our clients in refrigeration breakdowns, repairs, maintenance, and installations. Reach out to us at the first sign of a problem to keep it from getting worse.


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